“I would rather eat 1,000 ounces of steak before I ever tried tofu.”


Recently, it has been brought to my attention how radical my lifestyle is when it comes to food. It’s so unusual, in fact, that and one gentleman vowed to eat 1,000 ounces of steak before he ever tried tofu. I would have reminded him of the obvious health dangers in his “1,000 ounces of steak” plan, but when faced with a declaration like that I usually find it best to relent.

I’ve learned and grown a lot in my transition to the vegan lifestyle, and shared my experiences with friends, family, and of course, through the blog. The response I’ve gotten has been generally positive, with some skeptics and a lot of questions. However I was surprised to encounter flat-out objection to what I choose to eat. I even have a friend who refuses to visit my blog because it doesn’t apply to her and she just really loves chicken.

That’s fine; the roasted vegetable salad I made would go really well with chicken.


I’m not perfect. There are still times when I eat an animal product, but I don’t consider it breaking any “rules” because the way I see it I am free to eat whatever I want. I am just continually working on adjusting my choices in a more responsible direction. I don’t know why this is so scary, it’s just personal.

I choose to share, but I don’t seek to convert. I will educate the interested but don’t do battle with carnivores on the prowl.

I hope that some day people will be more open minded and less reactionary, but it’s up to us as bloggers, vegans, and responsible people to spread the word in a friendly, non-threatening way. You catch more flies with agave than you do with vinegar 😉

Have you ever had a difficult experience explaining to someone about being vegan? How did you handle it?


3 thoughts on ““I would rather eat 1,000 ounces of steak before I ever tried tofu.”

  1. I’ve been there quite a few times during the past 15 years, although less often now. I’ve found the best thing to do is nothing. You’re right, there’s nothing you could’ve said to that guy to change his mind. On the other hand, my family and friends are way more open to at least trying vegan food now, just from seeing what I eat.

  2. I’m with you 100%. Especially about not seeing it as breaking “rules.” I know that it’s healthier and kinder to eat a vegan diet, so I stick to that almost all of the time, but I don’t judge myself too harshly if I take a rare step off that path.

    In my many years as an omnivore, I never felt that my life was personally being attacked by someone else’s choice to go vegan, so I’m not sure what causes others to feel that way. The past year and some that I have been vegan has been tough in terms of unwanted opinions being hurled my way, but as long as people are respectful, I can of course agree to disagree. It has been enlightening, seeing whom among my “friends” are incapable of or unwilling to be respectful and I have had to make choices of whether I want them in my life.

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